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Roshless 007c87f6c0 update fup for first release 2 weeks ago
dmw works now 8 months ago
fup update fup for first release 2 weeks ago
gofu update gofu 2 weeks ago
mumbledj-git rename mumbledj folder to reflect its origin 3 months ago
nnrss update nnrss 1 month ago
nnrss-git fix incorrect folder 2 months ago
nnrss-qt update nnrss-qt 1 month ago
nnrss-uwsgi remove nonexisting option from uwsgi config 3 months ago
python-pyls-black fix typo in pyls-black plugin 2 months ago
spek-alternative add spek-alternative PKGBUILD 2 years ago fill readme 2 years ago add namcap checking script 2 months ago

Storing all PKGBUILDS here.