upgpkg: python-mypy-ls 0.4.0-2

fix license and url
upgpkg: pushgateway 1.4.1-1

upstream release

also fix arch, binary is not arch independend
upgpkg: python-pyls-isort 0.2.2-2

add license file
upgpkg: netbox 2.11.6-1

upstream release

also fix license and some formatting
builds: get namcap logs
upgpkg: spek-alternative

Turns out this && 0 doesn't need to be here.
builds: redirect stdout into nothing
builds: do not run with sudo, it will be used anyway
builds: forgot about pacman
builds: force yay without keyboard input
build manifest should work now
build manifest- should work now
build manifest test folders
build manifest: test
Initial upload: python-mypy-ls 0.4.0-1
Initial upload: python-pyls-isort 0.2.2-1
Deleted package: python-pyls-black

Packaged in [community]
upgpkg: python-django-prometheus 2.1.0-2

add missing dependency and update license
6ba9b322 — Dimitri Merejkowsky 7 months ago
Bump lagrange to 1.5.1
1608d884 — Dimitri Merejkowsky 7 months ago
Bump lagrange to 1.5.0