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nnrss is a simple web based rss feed reader. 

Includes javascript-free web interface and API for external clients.
## Features
- show all / only unread feed entries
- sorting and filtering 
- feeds OPML import/ export 
- feeds update every N minutes (value set by user) or on demand
- REST API for custom clients
- default web interface is javascript free

# Screenshots
## Screenshots

homepage with all feeds
all feeds - default view

<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/homepage.png" width="800"/>
<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/all_feeds.png" width="800"/>

one category view

<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/category_feeds.png" width="800"/>

specific feed view

<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/feed.png" width="800"/>
<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/entries.png" width="800"/>

specific feed view- show only unread

<img src="https://git.roshless.me/~roshless/nnrss/blob/wiki/screenshots/entries_unread.png" width="800"/>