SafeConfigParser was renamed into ConfigParser in py3.2
make session permanent
feat: add prometheus metrics

works properly only on 1 worker for now
bugfix: dont force user to change their password
bugfix: weird black bug inserted some stuff into code
formatting using black with iosort

also config change for it
bugfix: feed update

did not work because of little change in model, dont know if thats
a bug or my fault :/
feat: categories to unread entries list
feat: allow user to change their password
feat: add view for unread entries from all feeds
misc: update models
bugfix: set date if cant parse
bugfix: forgot about new css file
web_interface: show feeds from category
feat: add additional css template block
bugfix: use correct macro for login and register templates
web_interface: add buttons redirecting to show all and unread
web_interface: move pagination to macro